Kathleen Ann Smith


Reflections on the Life of Kathleen Ann Smith

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Reflection by:  Jack Butler 

Grandson, Age 10 

I love my Mimi, she was very nice and pretty.  And she was very fun.  

Reflection by:  Grayson Butler

Grandson, Age 6 

I love my Mimi very much and I miss her.  

Reflection by:  Kay Pruett  

I've been so blessed to have Mrs. Kathy as a mother-in-law. She led a remarkable life that has touched everyone who had the honor of meeting her. I will be forever grateful to her for raising such an incredible daughter who has been the biggest blessing of my life.

Reflection by:  Linda Vespasian  

Kathy was the truest definition of "best friend".  We have laughed and cried many, many times together in the past 46 years.  There is a huge empty spot in my heart now.  I miss her. 

Reflection by:  Kim Hudson-Gallogly   

Kathy and I would have Sound of Music girls nights, play the movie on the big screen in her basement.  We do re meed all night long.  So much fun and such good memories.  She was my friend and I will miss her joyful presence.   

Reflection by: Mary Lou Koch    

I love this picture of Kathy.  It's the way I want to remember her... happy, energetic and so accomplished.  I am so very sorry for your loss (and ours).  She was so special. Please know that you are in our hearts and prayers.  

Reflection by:  Mary Lou Wheeler   

A vivacious woman who lived life to the fullest.  Fond memories of Kathy and family...

a blessing to know.

Reflection by:  Barry Friedman  

I loved working with Kathy.  She was naturally helpful and cooperative, and I was so impressed by how she worked with colleagues and students.  I am deeply saddened by her passing.  I express my heartfelt sympathy to you.   

Reflection by:  Rhonda Martin Proctor 

A beautiful, long-time family friend earned her angel wings.  Her spirit and love for life will leave us with many special memories.    

Reflection by:  Laurie Maurer Simons

Such a sweet lady.  There were many summer days while life guarding in Plantation Place that she would come down and sit by the pool.  She always made you feel special and that was she was interested in what you were saying.  

Reflection by:  Brenda Martin

Kathy was truly a one of a kind beautiful friend.  I know she was loved by so many and that our friendship last more than four decades.  My prayers are with Kathy's family.   

Reflection by:  Terri Porter

This makes me so sad, but all I can think is she's hugging on her sweet girl that I miss so much!! They are dancing and singing and having a ball! I spent so many nights at that crazy house!!! Loved them so much, my prays are with everyone. 

Reflection by:  Bea Freund
Jeff, Ray, Ashley, and her grandchildren, we are so sorry to hear the news about the passing of such a sweet and generous special lady, who have etched a place in so many hearts and minds, always had a smile, no matter she did, and will long be remembered.....she was loved by so many, and Ray, you said you didn't frequent FB much, but, hope you can now, and see how so many of her friends loved her so much, and prayed for her...so she could be at peace...she is finally with her daughter she lost, and that brings an inner peace...I know how she feels...our daughter left this world 24 years ago, on December 11th, and she loved Kathy and her daughter, and introduced me to them, when Kathy first moved to Plantation Place...what a wonderful friendship we all shared...Our Prayers go out to you all on the loss....Love and Hugs Bea

Reflection by:  Vicki Gilchrist
I first met Kathy in 1980 when we were both members of the Tulsa Rose Society. We became instant friends and she showed me some tricks for growing and displaying roses. But I don't think I ever won a bus ribbon if she was entered in the same contest. How Cleo Cox would encourage us to keep doing our best. Kathy was also like that and over the years I NEVER heard her say a bad word or have a bad opinion about anyone (x-husbands excluded, of course). Then both of us made the move to Atlanta and eventually we both ended up in Big Canoe! Kathy was so big in life, always with a smile on her face, willing to help others. Totally dedicated to her family and also her education. My fondest memories are when just she and I would take Ray's boat out on the lake - always with her baton and boomer sooner music, maybe sip a little wine and just laugh, laugh, and laugh. We thought we did a good job in securing the pontoon to the dock, but we knew Ray would come along after us - just to make sure it was safely docked! I've shared lots of stories with all of you but please know that Kathy's spirit will remain with me forever. And when I do see her again - we'll start a new rose garden! My love to all of you. 

Reflection by:  Carolynn DeSandre 
I am thinking about all of Kathy's family and friends today and praying for each of us as we work through this loss. I am a nurse today because of Kathy. In addition to the good fortune of being a nursing student of hers, I also taught childbirth education with her in the 90's and later in life was blessed to teach alongside her at North Georgia. She was a blessing to nursing and a constant guardian angel for me. I will miss her everyday. God bless you all. 

Reflection by:  Janet Hardy Stehr
Kathy looked so much like Hazel! When I told dad, he got tear in his eyes and said "Such a lively family." Steve, I am in Tulsa now, taking care of Daddy. When things calm down I know Daddy would love to see you and reminisce about old times. Ashley, thank you for keeping up with Bonnie, she has kept us all informed. 

Reflection by:  Mary Lou Koch 
I am so moved by the video of Kathy. She was so beautiful and had so many experiences that most people do not. Even thought I didn't get to spend much time with her, I felt such a close connection to her. She had a life that many of us envy. She was close to her family and cherished the lives of her family. She had more experiences than most, even though her life was short -- it was good! I loved her for who she was. Always admired her for her many accomplishments, personality, energy, and family connection. Will be thinking of you on Saturday. Love you all. 

Reflection by:  Chai Yi
I was her student from 2009 - 2011. She was a great teacher, lots of humor, easy going and a lot of fun… she will be missed greatly. 

Reflection by:  Cheyanne 
I was privileged as a nurse to be a part of Kathy's care in her last days here on earth. The beauty of this woman is just indescribable. I tell her story everywhere I go. I loved making her smile and meeting her every afternoon for a snack before my shift ended. My favorite thing to do was just sit and hold her hand. She is such a jewel to me and will be forever in my heart. So amazing how she has touched my heart and will never ever be forgotten. She is the reason I love nursing and will always stove to be the best I can be. I will see you again sweet Kathy. I sure miss you but heavens much sweeter now that you're there. 

Reflection by:  Tanya Smith
Kathy, in remembering how you would make contact with those beautiful eyes and we connected, I will treasure those times.